Life at DIC India

DIC Group has defined its CORE Values through “The DIC Way” which sets out the guiding principles of conduct which a DIC Group employee should imbibe and use as a point of reference while performing their daily duties and responsibilities. It is spelled out below as the “SPIRIT” of DIC!


the force that propels our employees to think and take action


Maintaining a moral attitude, and facing matters head–on with reason and a sense of responsibility


Having a sense of ownership and ambition, and taking a passionate approach to the tasks at hand


Working to resolve matters by rallying the collective power of the global DIC Group, while respecting the individuality and diversity of each one of our employee


Fulfilling our social responsibility as good corporate citizens, and always remaining conscious of compliance issues

DIC India is a firm believer of people as an asset. In the last 6 decades, we have been continuously striving towards “thought leadership” in the industry by focusing on products as well as people quality.

Our emphasis is on developing next generation “Future Leaders” and “Specialists”, who can take this industry and company to the next league in terms of product, processes and technology. 

Our focus is to create enhanced value and to contribute towards sustainable growth for its customers and society. In order to pursue our motto, we always welcome agile thinkers, passionate learners, functional experts and leaders to come join us in our exciting journey into the future.

We offer products as a part of a value chain which ultimately impacts our lives. It gives us a sense of pride and accomplishment wherein we don’t only serve to our customers, but also to society at a large.

As a part of our global network we work seamlessly across the globe and nurture our talent considering global opportunities and challenges.

We always need compassionate team to fulfil our dreams and become part of a very challenging & exciting journey!!! 

"I am part of the News Ink Technical team in DIC Japan and am in India as a trainee for a year.
It is a great learning experience for me working in the Indian market aligning technology available in the Group to local conditions and requirements.
I believe that we can create great synergy working together and bring a competitive edge to our products by combining local experience with state of the art technology from our Regional Technology Centres."

- - Yoshimi Seino

" I work in the Global HR section of DIC Group in Tokyo and am in India as a trainee for a year.
DIC Group believes in leveraging its global network to create a talent pool, thus strengthening its position as market leader in the world.
Employee exchange programmes facilitates giving wider exposure to employees while creating synergy and understanding among Group entities.
It is an immense opportunity for me to be part of the DIC India HR team and learn the unique HR practices and policies."

- - Yuto Fujisawa

HR Trainee from DIC Tokyo

"They say every experience is an opportunity to learn and grow – and I have certainly had many learning experiences in DIC!
DIC believes that employees are its most valuable assets and as such there is a strong focus on developing future leaders and specialists.
DIC encourages its employees to work in cross functional groups which fosters team spirit and creates a warm and positive work environment."

- - Nandana Chakrabarti

HR Manager

"I joined this Company in 1990. DIC is an extremely resilient Company and is equipped with innovative products and solutions which enables it to deal with all challenges that may come its way. I believe this is possible because of the strong team spirit among its employees and the Management policy of being transparent always.
DIC is the best employer as it takes care of the welfare of all employees. Working in DIC is a wonderful experience!"

- - Harendra Chandra

Union Leader, Noida Workers’ Union

"We have a healthy and transparent working environment and a participative work culture, with workers and Management working hand-in-hand to improve the performance of the Company.
DIC India abides by all safety, health and environment regulations and ensures that every site is “safe” in all aspects."

- Sajal Das

Union Leader, Noida Workers’ Union

"DIC India is a point of confluence of knowledge and experience, with a vast portfolio of products and a proficient team of technical experts.
The Company believes in taking care of its employees through pro-employee schemes and policies. Colleagues are extremely supportive and the work environment is cordial. I am proud to be a part of the DIC Family!"

- - Soel Uddin

Product Application Manager – LI, NR

"Working in DIC has been a very exciting journey for all these years.
DIC India Ltd is the only printing ink company in India having access to the best of European as well as Japanese technology along with its own in house products made for the local market.
With DIC & Sun Chemicals leveraging their technological superiority in the Indian market, its exciting times ahead in DIC India Ltd. "

- - Nitin Kale

Sales Manager – Adhesives, Mumbai

"I am proud to belong to “Team DIC India”, part of the DIC Group, the world no. 1 in printing inks, and it is like working in a dream company!
            As a part of the Sales team, our motto is – “Accelerating Growth & Winning Together” which is reflected in the work approach as we believe in delivering solutions, not just products, to our customers.
            DIC provides a lot of opportunities for individual development through various policies which help me to learn and grow. Thanks to such training programmes, I am now better equipped to manage my team and practice effective time management."

- Anupam Sinha

Regional Sales Manager – Offset, Gujarat

"I recently joined the DIC Group (a Global Leader in Printing Ink) almost 10 months ago as a part of the DIC India team.
As a new member of the team, I received complete cooperation and support from all my colleagues.
One unique practice in DIC India is to engage all employees through “Vision & Mission”, wherein they can contribute to the larger goal of the organisation.
I rate DIC very highly as an employer and am really looking forward to a rewarding career here."

- Sandip Nandi

Production Manager - Offset, Kolkata Plant

"I have been associated with DIC since the last 6 years.
DIC engages with all its stakeholders to maintain healthy and effective business relations. The Company has employee friendly policies & practices.
In addition, it has given me ample opportunities and challenges beyond my current role, which has enabled me to develop my abilities and skills."

- Appala Naidu

Asst. Manager – Engineering & Safety, Bangalore Plant

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