Offset ink

Sheetfed Ink

DIC India is committed to optimize printers' operational efficiency and business investment by offering inks that ensure lower cost of printing.

Magnum Plus

A good quality ink having high process stability that ensures both top quality printing and economic efficiency. Setting and drying on paper are optimized to ensure fast work and turn. The ink complies with ISO 2846-1.

Values G®

A new generation ink offering excellent print quality, efficient workability, easy operation and extensive usage on a wide variety coated stock. The ink complies with ISO 2846-1.

Geos G

A versatile ink that gives superior performance on a wide range of substrates. Excellent print quality with dot sharpness and colour consistency makes it suitable for high resolution printing.


A new age ink that strikes the right balance between high productivity and come-of- age print quality. Equally beneficial for commercial and packaging industry, the ink complies with ISO 2846-1 and supports ISO 12647-2 standard.

Lancer G

A versatile ink is engineered to provide good print quality with dot sharpness and colour consistency for high resolution printing on coated as well as uncoated paper & board.

LT Spectro

An ink with a balanced rheology to print on low GSM and low pick paper, with good litho property required for long run print job.


An ink with good gloss and work & turn property suitable for short & medium run for commercial printing jobs


A multi purpose ink that gives superior result on most kind of substrates. The ink is suitable for short run, fast work and turn and immediate conversion and fabrication and complies with ISO 2846-1 and supports ISO 12647-2 standard.

Xtra Power

A robust ink which ensures good press performance in tropical climate situation with good work & turn, mainly targeted at mid-segment Packaging & Commercial jobs.


An ink formulated to provide machine friendliness, robust & trouble free run on all type of substrates like coated, semi-coated, uncoated paper and board for commercial and packaging printing job.


Provides superior adhesion and drying on non-absorbent substrates than any other conventional sheetfed offset ink. The ink can be effectively used on substrates like PVC Coated paper, Polyethene, Polypropylene, Polyesters, one-way-vision and Lacquered cast coated stock.

Sprint EZ

These inks are meant for faster work & turn and good for both commercial and packaging printing.

Syner G

Light Fast Inks suitable for both Packaging & Commercial printing. These inks give excellent uniform gloss for printed area and enhanced dot reproduction.

Non Woven

For printing application on non woven substrates in bright colour printing and high last fastness.


Oil reach inks having substrate polyvalence for board and paper.

Ener G

Economic grade of inks rich in oil and meant for both commercial and general line packaging.

Packaging Base colours (Colour Plus)

Packaging base colours and has both light fast and non light fast version.

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