Screen ink


DIC India’s range of Display Screen inks consist of a wide selection of bright colours available both in gloss and matt finish to be printed on paper, soft and rigid PVC and acrylic.

All the inks are suitable for automatic and semi automatic printing machines and offer excellent balance between screen stability and rapid drying.


Paper Matt ink suitable for display work, greeting cards and similar applications


Paper Gloss ink suitable for display work, greetings cards etc.


PVC Matt ink suitable for display jobs requiring an excellent matt non reflective effect.


PVC Gloss ink suitable for stickers displays and banners etc.




Suitable for printing on treated LDPE, HDPE and PP having proper surface treatment. The ink has resistance to wide range of detergents, bleaches, motor oil, vanaspati, ghee and similar products.


Suitable for printing on a wide range of PVC (both rigid and flexible), acrylic, polycarbonate and other plastic materials for stickers and glow signs. The ink provides good outdoor durability, alcohol and petrol resistance.


Suitable for printing on PVC, polycarbonate and acrylic sheets. The inks are low odour non-toxic inks (as per EN71 clause III) and are used in printing shoe upper, children toys, educational materials feeding bottles etc.


DIC India has the full range of inks that are used during the Manufacturing process of Printed Circuit Boards.

The range consists of:

Etch Resist (alkali soluble acid resist)

Two pack Solder Resist)

Two pack Board Marking Inks (black and white)

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